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Star Wars According to a Three Year Old.


Blurred Lines, Feminine Parody.  Amazing. Alright world, it’s time this goes viral.

And I think:
What am I doing?
I’ve lost my way
Why don’t i give it up?
There are times I get so lost
I don’t know what to do
I’ve gone so deep, so far
I don’t know if I’ll ever find my way out again.
And then: what’s the point?
Is this useful?
Does anyone care?
I get up in the morning
Some days I just weep and weep
Is everything I do just written on water?
But what else can I do?

Hotel Casseiopia

Charles L. Mee

Our president, everyone.

theatre logic


in is down, down is front,

out is up, up is back,

off is out, on is in,

left is right, and right is left,

a drop shouldn’t,

and a block and fall does neither.

a prop doesn’t,

and a cove has no water.

tripping is okay,

a running crew rarely gets anywhere,

a purchase line will buy you nothing.

a trap will not catch anything,

strike is work (in fact, lots of work),

and a green room, thankfully, actually isn’t.

now that you’re fully versed in theatrical terms, break a leg!

but not really.

in love so much it hurts